BSG & ISG Symposium

BSG & ISG symposium

Want to better understand how endoscopy will develop over the coming years, with take home messages which will change your practice? Then come to the Joint BSG/ISG Symposium!

The symposium will focus on areas which will increasingly impact our clinical practice: Endoscopic innovations – which are ready for prime time and need to be incorporated into our services?; The role of big data in endoscopy and what it means for practice; how can we improve quality and training in endoscopy? We’ll  learn how databases can help endoscopic practice and opportunities for research; innovations that will increasingly impact, from artificial intelligence to the optimal management of large colonic polyps, difficult biliary drainage, POEM, bariatric endoscopy; and how the delivery of  quality care and  training in endoscopy is of vital importance to all of us!

The ESGE Days 2020 in Dublin is a unique opportunity for all those involved in endoscopy to refresh and update all aspects of their practice. We believe that the Joint ISG/BSG Symposium will be a fantastic opportunity for all of us, whatever stage of our careers, to develop a better understanding of the exciting areas of endoscopy which will change our practices well into the future.

Dr George Webster, ESGE Councillor (Member Society), invites you to the Joint BSG/ISG Symposium on Thursday in Liffey Hall 1 at 8:30 to discuss, debate and learn about innovations in the field of endoscopy!