Developed with nurses in mind - ESGE Days is also your congress!

Let's meet, exchange and evolve!  ESGENA is excited to be an active part of ESGE Days 2022 - join us, and our great and inspiring community. As a hybrid event we look forward to seeing you either in person, in beautiful Prague, or online via the digital platform.

The joint format of ESGE Days and the ESGENA Spring School, offers the chance to update our knowledge and also the opportunity to interact with experts and other delegates. We have a lot in store for the nursing community: live demonstration, an interesting variety of lectures, team training and specialised symposia. The combination of the ESGE Days and the ESGENA Spring School emphasises the spirit of teamwork in endoscopy. Share the date with your colleagues. We hope to see you face to face, but the digital platform allows you to join us from every corner of the world. Stay safe, strong and united!

Marjon de Pater, ESGENA President


Join ESGE and ESGENA'S two joint sessions and the ESGENA Spring School

Learn as a team and join us for the joint ESGE and ESGENA sessions. On Saturday, don't miss the Spring School sessions where we will be providing nurses with the opportunity to expand their knowledge in both endoscopy procedure and specialised patient care.

Stay tuned with ESGENA!

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