Postgraduate Course

The ESGE Days 2021 Postgraduate Course is a series of on demand, special educational sessions dedicated to practicing professionals. Here trainees, as well as experienced gastroenterologists, can enhance their training in a specific field as well as further their general knowledge.

The Postgraduate Course is based on a two-year curriculum which aims to cover all fields of endoscopy. This year we are starting year 1 and the curriculum will be completed in 2022.  These sessions are all pre-recorded and available 24/7 throughout the Days and after.

Attendees can expect to learn not only the basic aspects of endoscopy practice - such as anatomical landmarks, basic techniques in EUS and colonoscopy, cannulation techniques - but also more advanced issues, such as ERCP in altered anatomy, resection of lateral spreading tumors in the colon, EUS guided drainage etc.  Each session includes four lectures. To better underline the content and the learning points, each session will include an introduction and also a closure by a chair.

We hope you enjoy the Postgraduate Course and find it an invaluable addition to your professional career development!

Postgraduate Course modules in detail