Scientific Programme Session Descriptions

Session Descriptions

Guideline Sessions

The guideline sessions form a core part of the educational offering at ESGE Days 2021. Covering all endoscopic procedures, these sessions combine evidence-based knowledge (ESGE guidelines review) and practical tips and tricks for everyday use. The ESGE guideline sessions will be presented and discussed by renowned panels of experts.

Postgraduate Course

A series of special educational sessions dedicated to practicing professionals. Here participants may enhance their training in a specific field and/or further their general knowledge.

Live Demonstration

An important teaching tool, offering insight into how leaders in various fields approach both routine and complex scenarios. The audience will have the opportunity to pose questions via a chat function and discuss the cases. At ESGE Days 2021, we are honored to host 4 international centers who will share their cases and expertise with us.

Live Free Paper Presentations

Over 700 abstracts were submitted to ESGE Days 2021. The best of these will be presented in the Plenary session, and in interactive live abstract presentation sessions during which the authors will be available for questions.

In addition, the very best abstracts from ESGE Days 2020, which had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, will also be presented in oral sessions, with authors online for discussion.

All in all, a unique opportunity to keep up with the latest research and developments in endoscopy.

Meet the Expert

Did you think you would have to miss those unique opportunities to "catch" an expert after their talk at the edge of the stage? ESGE Days 2021 brings the expert to you! If you have enjoyed a specific topic during the live event and have further questions, meet the expert via a Zoom meeting room and pose the questions you still have.

Joint Sessions with Partnering Societies

ESGE warmly welcomes its Partnering Societies from around the world as active participants at ESGE Days 2021. Our unmissable Joint Sessions have been curated to best showcase our rich international knowledge base of both endoscopic and disease related societies. These include sessions such as Future Vision of endoscopic Imaging: Western vs Eastern perspective co-hosted by JGES (Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society) and ESGE or Colorectal Cancer Screening co-hosted by WEO (World Endoscopy Organisation) and ESGE.

ESGE Young Endoscopists
EYE Zone

At the EYE Zone, recently qualified colleagues and trainees can meet to learn from established experts. Topics are focussed on career development and the relaxed, interactive atmosphere ensures a great platform to network.

Satellite Symposia

Without the generous support of our industry partners ESGE Days could not take place. A selection of our premium and major sponsors are hosting Satellite Symposia where participants can learn about the latest technological developments in endoscopy and engage with our corporate partners to discover what current research projects and studies they are involved in.


Our three pitfall sessions are focused on common mistakes or difficulties that members of the endoscopy team may be confronted with. The three topics we will be covering are: EUS/ERCP, Upper GI, and Small bowel endoscopy.  Each of these sessions will have an emphasis on a practical approach to overcoming challenges.

Digital Poster Exhibition

All abstracts that are not selected for live presentation, but have been accepted for publication in Endoscopy, will be accessible for delegates via a digital poster exhibition. This is a searchable collection of the remaining posters in PowerPoint format. The posters can be searched via keywords and author name.

Video Sessions, beyond live

Here, the most renowned experts in the field present a new technology or procedure in detail, aided by videos. Each session will include 3 video case presentations illustrating specific endoscopic techniques on topics including Esophageal and gastric variceal bleeding and Therapeutic enteroscopy. Live moderators will introduce the videos, as well interact with the audience and presenters.


The very best of our most exciting publications will be collated and presented in our two highlights sessions on Saturday morning. One will focus on Upper GI and Lower GI highlights and the other will focus on ERCP and EUS highlights.

ESGENA Spring School

ESGENA will be a vital part of ESGE Days. As well as hosting joint sessions, relevant for the whole endoscopy team, ESGENA will be offering the ESGENA Spring School. The Spring School gives nurses the opportunity to expand their knowledge in both endoscopy procedure and specialised patient care. It will feature three sessions which reflect daily practice: Advanced roles for nurses in endoscopy and gastroenterologyPatient and staff safety, and Education.

DGVS Symposium

ESGE enjoys a particularly close collaboration with DGVS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gastronenterologie Verdaungs – und Stoffwechselkrankheiten) and to honour our long term collaboration, and the fact that – pre Covid19! - we were planning for the Days 2021 to be held in Berlin, the DGVS are hosting 3 Symposia on the following topics: Endoscopic complication management; Endoscopy in the third space; and Infection and hygiene in endoscopy.