Greener Days – our mission continues

ESGE is committed to scientifically proven and effective climate protection. Several measures have already been implemented and can be reviewed below. Our goal is to expand our sustainability strategy and determine our exact CO₂ emissions for ESGE Days 2024. To achieve this, we are partnering in 2024 with the non-profit organisation, myclimate.

Delegates are invited to contribute an amount (EUR 5, 10, 20 or 50) to an international myclimate climate protection project portfolio. This contribution is voluntary and can be undertaken via a simple click during the registration process. ESGE will match all donations.

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Myclimate’s climate protection projects meet the highest standards within the carbon offsetting industry (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo, VCS and CBB or SD-VISta). The projects are proven not only to reduce greenhouse gases locally and regionally, but also to positively contribute to sustainable development. In doing so, they also contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We thank you in advance for supporting this initiative.

Steps to a greener ESGE Days 2024:

The Science:
Green Endoscopy will be a constant theme throughout the scientific programme in Berlin. A dedicated Green Pathway in the online progamme will be available closer to the event and will guide you to sessions with a sustainability and environmental responsibility focus.
The Facts:
We will assess the exact carbon footprint of our annual event in Berlin. Delegates will also be able to calculate their own personal carbon footprint onsite and learn more about how to compensate for this.
Call to Action:
ESGE will collaborate with a certified sustainability organization to support a selected gold standard climate project – delegates are able to actively contribute to this project via the registration platform. ESGE will match all delegate donations to this project. Further information will be provided shortly.
We are what we eat:
ESGE Days 2024 will provide onsite delegates vegetarian options only during the event. In addition, focus will be on regionally sourced products.
The Leftovers:
We aim to optimise food and material disposal processes to reduce the amount of waste created by our event. This involves active engagement and planning with the venue, our industry partners and service providers.
On the move:
Public transport funding has been secured from city of Berlin (VisitBerlin) - delegates will receive a 3-day transport ticket which enables them to utilize the extensive public transport system thereby avoiding travelling with taxis or private vehicles. Furthermore, locals will benefit from the special event rates from the Deutsche Bahn while international delegates can also access discounted rates for travel from outside of German. Getting to Berlin via train rather than flying or car is an attractive option!
…. and more:
No unnecessary printed items, give-aways or congress bags. Water stations – bring your own bottle!

Several steps were already taken for ESGE Days 2023 in Dublin, Ireland:

  • In July 2022 ESGE and ESGENA published a Position Statement, Reducing the environmental footprint of gastrointestinal endoscopy, which provided guidance for HCPs working in our medical field.
  • ESGE launched a Green Endoscopy Working Group to continue this valuable work.
  • Science: Green endoscopy pathway throughout the scientific programme
  • Carbon Removal Project: 600 indigenous trees were planted on protected land in Ireland to offset 12085.35kg CO 2
  • Minimised distribution of give-aways - No congress bags, flyers,etc.
  • 80% vegetarian catering and active sourcing of regional products
  • Maximum use of digital signage
  • Partnered with service providers with recognised sustainability policies e.g. Aer Lingus, CCD
Two men planting
Grown Forest staff, planting some of the 600 indigenous trees which helped to carbon offset ESGE Days 2023

Our Scientific Partners