Greener Days

Both the ESGE and the ESGE Days organising team feel strongly that reducing the negative environmental impact of our activities is highly important.

In July 2022 ESGE and ESGENA published a Position Statement, Reducing the environmental footprint of gastrointestinal endoscopy, which provided guidance for HCPs working in our medical field. ESGE has also launched a Green Endoscopy Working Group to continue this valuable work.

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Enrique Rodriguez de Santiago, Green Endoscopy Working Group Chair

As part of ESGE’s commitment to ‘becoming greener’ we are also looking closely at the planning and organisation of the ESGE Days conference series. This places the organising team in a challenging situation. In-person international conferences have a significant environmental impact yet, as our society’s mission is ‘to educate, innovate, disseminate, support and promote quality in the practice of gastrointestinal endoscopy’ we believe a face to face meeting to advance endoscopy and forge connections remains vital. We are therefore striving to do all we can, even through very small steps, to work towards ‘Greener Days’.

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