Postgraduate Course

The ESGE Days Postgraduate Course (PGC) is a series of on demand, special educational sessions dedicated to practicing professionals. The PGC is aimed at trainees as well as trained gastroenterologists of all levels. This year we present year two of the two-year curriculum which is divided into four main categories - Upper GI, Lower GI, ERCP and EUS - each with four modules.

Year two modules in detail 🡫 

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Prior to ESGE Days 2024 (from April 9, 2024) all 32 pre-recorded modules are available.

Delegates can browse all the educational material in advance of the event.

  • Which questions would you like to pose? What needs further clarification? Would case studies or extra data help?

Make a note of the date and time of the live PGC meet the expert session, relevant for the module, at ESGE Days.


On site at ESGE Days attend the PGC meet the expert sessions, where the presenters from your module will be available. Experts will present cases to solidify your learning and this is your opportunity to ask your questions.

  • Deep dive into the topics that matter to you. Utilize the experts' experience to fill any knowledge gaps you have. Explore additional cases that bring the subject to life.

Why not add a hands-on training session to complete your augmented learning experience?


Once the live event is complete, review the modules at home, as well as the sessions that took place on site during our two month on-demand period, (until June 30, 2024).

  • Bile stone related complication and diagnostic work-up - Speaker(s) : G. Manes (Italy)

    Standard extraction techniques - Speaker(s) : A. Lemmers (Belgium)

    Approach to the difficult stone - Speaker(s) : K. Paraskeva (Greece)

    Management of patients with recurrent stones - Speaker(s) : L. Aabakken (Norway)

  • Diagnostic work-up - Speaker(s) : G. Webster (United Kingdom)

    Management of benign strictures (post-operative, liver transplantation, PSC) - Speaker(s) : A. Tringali (Italy)

    Management of malignant biliary structures - Speaker(s) : T. Gyökeres (Hungary)

    Combined approach (ERCP, EUS, PTC, Rendezvous techniques) - Speaker(s) : M. Perez-Miranda (Spain)

  • Diagnosis and indications for endoscopic treatment - Speaker(s) : J. van Hooft (Netherlands)

    Stone management: Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy - Speaker(s) : M. Arvanitakis (Belgium)

    Stone management: Intraductal lithotripsy - Speaker(s) : J.-W. Poley (Netherlands)

    Stricture management - Speaker(s) : G. Costamagna (Italy)

  • Cholangiopancreatoscopy: Indication, techniques and outcome - Speaker(s) : J. Pohl

    Advanced intraductal imaging (intraductal US and confocal) - Speaker(s) : M. Ellrichmann (Germany)

    Intraductal therapies for stones (EHL, LL) - Speaker(s) : P. Fockens (Netherlands)

    Intraductal therapies for malignancy (PDT, RFA..) - Speaker(s) : P. Meier I.S. Papanikolaou (Greece)

  • When to remove - Speaker(s) : E. Dekker (Netherlands)

    Management of duodenal polyposis in FAP patients - Speaker(s) : B. A. Bastiaansen (Netherlands)

    Resection techniques - Speaker(s) : P. Deprez (Belgium)

    How to prevent complications - Speaker(s) : G. Vanviervliet (France)

  • Pre-endoscopic assessment (resuscitation, pharmacotherapy) - Speaker(s) : P. D. Siersema (Netherlands)

    Endoscopic techniques (band ligation, injection, hemospray, stents..) - Speaker(s) : M. Tantau (Romania)

    Management of gastric varices - Speaker(s) : M. Camus (France)

    Primary and secondary prevention - Speaker(s) : J.-C. Garcia-Pagan (Spain)

  • Bariatric - Speaker(s) : I. Boskoski (Italy)

    Bariatric endoscopy: Metabolic outcomes - Speaker(s) : V. Huberty (Belgium)

    Management of complications of bariatric surgery - Speaker(s) : J. Devière (Belgium)

    Enteral access for nutrition - Speaker(s) : P. Gkolfakis (Belgium)

  • How to reduce the missing rate of early gastric cancer - Speaker(s) : P. Pimentel-Nunes (Portugal)

    Assessment and indication for resection - Speaker(s) : J. Jacques (France)

    Endoscopic techniques for resection - Speaker(s) : D. Libanio (Portugal)

    Screening and surveillance in high risks groups - Speaker(s) : T. Ponchon (France)

  • Indications and techniques of elastography, contrast-enhanced EUS in pancreatic diseases - Speaker(s) : P. Fusaroli (Italy)

    Indications and techniques of elastography, contrast-enhanced EUS in lymph nodes and GI wall lesions - Speaker(s) : R. Gincul (France)

    Clinical impact of advances in EUS techniques - Speaker(s) : J. Iglesias-Garcia (Spain)

    Future and direction for EUS imaging - Speaker(s) : A. Saftolu (Romania)

  • Indications for tissue acquisition - Speaker(s) : A. Selcean (Romania)

    Choice of the needle - Speaker(s) : M. Polkowski (Poland)

    Sampling technique and specimen handling - Speaker(s) : S. Carrara (Italy)

    Outcomes and management of complications - Speaker(s) : M. Nayar (United Kingdom)

  • Screening in high risk patients - Speaker(s) : M. J. Bruno (Netherlands)

    Pancreatic incidentalomas - Speaker(s) : T. Hucl (Czech Republic)

    Is there still a role for EUS in pancreatic cancer staging? - Speaker(s) : L. Czakó (Hungary)

    EUS for diagnosis of pancreatic pseudotumors - Speaker(s) : M. C. Petrone (Italy)

  • EUS-guided interventions in solid tumors - Speaker(s) : S. F. Crinò (Italy)

    EUS-guided interventions in cystic pancreatic tumors - Speaker(s) : M. Barthet (France)

    EUS-guided vascular treatment for refractory bleeding - Speaker(s) : J.-M. Gonzalez (France)

    EUS-guided fiducial placement for radiotherapy in pancreatic and gastrointestinal malignancy - Speaker(s) : P. Eisendrath (Belgium)

  • Achieving and recording the perfect preparation? - Speaker(s) : F. Radaelli (Italy)

    Sedation: Pre colonoscopy assessment: One size fits all? - Speaker(s) : C. Mangas Sanjuán (Spain)

    Standardising reporting - Speaker(s) : M. Ferlitsch (Austria)

    How to measure patient experience - Speaker(s) : K. Siau (United Kingdom)

  • Complex EMR for large polyps - Speaker(s) : E. Dekker (Netherlands)

    Complex EMR for difficult locations (appendiceal, Ileocaecal, anal verge..) - Speaker(s) : J. Rodríguez Sánchez (Spain)

    ESD: Indication, techniques and outcome - Speaker(s) : M. Pioche (France)

    Full-thickness resection: Indication, techniques and outcome - Speaker(s) : B. A. Bastiaansen (Netherlands)

  • Pre and post-procedure requirements - Speaker(s) : L. Fuccio (Italy)

    Capsule endoscopy: How to read and report - Speaker(s) : E. Vlachou (Greece)

    Device-assisted enteroscopy: Devices - Speaker(s) : M. Pennazio (Italy)

    Device-assisted enteroscopy: Hemostatic and resection - Speaker(s) : E. Despott (United Kingdom)

  • Diagnostic work-up for occult and overt bleeding - Speaker(s) : D. McNamara (Ireland)

    Diagnostic work-up for emergency bleeding - Speaker(s) : E. Rondonotti (Italy)

    Small bowel bleeding: Therapy and clinical outcomes - Speaker(s) : C. Carretero (Spain)

    Small bowel bleeding: The radiologist perspective

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